Thursday, February 24, 2011

The ice was broken

Lalala~ I'm totally hapy rite now. Yeah! It's a hapy-hapy. Why eh should I be as happy as I got 10 millions us dollar? Actually, today I went to immgration department to settle our grouping passport. Wattaheck I speak in english ni? Huhu. that's ok. Let us just continue with my English skills and also my superb malay skillsss. It has been a very long time since I wrote something in english. Tipu!!! Assignment semalam gune english. No no. Write somthing from my heart in english because like I said before.... I just got cukup-cukup makan for my english subject. lol~ So, this n3 is consider as kau-tulis-ape-ni-wawa-aku tak-paham-pun! Hhaha. Before people can't read my english, Better I write it in Malay. ~Typical Malay girl who don't want to at least give a try to herself! Hah!!~

Actually, it's not bcoz of Singapore-thing. But, I'm quite happy bcoz of me, mine and myself. Haha. I can get along with my new frenszzz which is gud rite? Maybe it is true when someone said we change when we are in different place and situation. So, I can talked to them freely.

And best thing is, I can remember their name now. Haha~ Kalau la ade yang bace konpem touchpad dengan aku ni. Dah dua bulan baru nak ingat name. I confused between Ain and Aina. They are completely different and I can recognize them. It just who is who that I can remember. Also same goes to Shafiq. Before I called him, I will ask Kak Wani "Erk... Sape eh name mamat tu?" What a bad memory I have. Nak beli hard disk la. Senang sikit nak ingat.

I'm happy with my current condition (Dah keluar dari ICU). Dah boleh back to normal. But the progression is a lil' bit fast. Something wrong with me? It take me half a year to get along with my clasmate before.

And lastly, I would like to announce that the ice was broken. No need titanic to crush on gigantic iceberg. Just a little effort and it would be better.

*Actually this entry should be psot on 22nd feb. But I have no enough money to buy a stamp. Haha~ Joking!